woman modeling brightly colored boombox leggings and t-shirt, sipping tea

Hoo boy, it's been a decade since I've done any semblance of blogging (LiveJournal, anyone??)

Anyway, I'm happy to finally open after 8 years of holding the domain, haha! I'm extending my offerings beyond what I can produce by hand in a given amount of time and I hope you love the hell out of it!

Of course I couldn't do it without the help of Miss Jediflip beautifully creating the artwork (real talk--my drawing skills have suffered over the years), my Instagram friends for accepting free clothing as compensation for telling the world, my family and close friends for lighting the fire under my ass and being my cheerleading squad, my boyfriend for supporting me quitting my job, all those future funk Youtube mixes (and Postmates) for getting me through an average workday, and Jen Sincero's "You Are a Badass at Making Money" (seriously, READ IT). 

All 16 years so far of Miss Alphabet was me insisting I could "do it myself" until now. Cuz I really have the best support system. Thank you all. xoxo Liz

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