That Barbie Boombox!

Yeah, I finally own it!

I did a bit of research on this ubiquitous late 90's toy (for the longest time I thought it came out in 1995) and yep, I was probably a freshman in high school and shunning all things Barbie around the time it was released! (I've repented, I swear!)

When trying to find the year it came out, I've gotten anywhere from 1998 to 2000, which is interesting because the mid to late 2000's is probably my least favorite Barbie era!

The Barbie Dance With Me Talking Boombox came with 3 fake CD's and 3 fake cassettes that played delightfully generic music from different genres such a country, rock n' roll, and hip hop. 

Mine, which I recently scored on eBay for less than $20 shipped, may or may not work (haven't bought batteries yet) and was missing all but one of the cassettes. Luckily I only bought it for aesthetics and well, it kiiiinda sorta coordinates with the leggings!

Make no mistake.. these aren't exactly super rare, so one can easily snatch one on eBay for $40-70. Need to Spank! Kei up your bedroom or workspace? I'd say it's a worthwhile purchase! 

xoxo Liz

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