Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo!

I'm back from a major milestone in Miss Alphabet history, my very first Fashion Week! Not attending, not modeling, but SHOWCASING A COLLECTION. IN TOKYO, NONETHELESS. What.

Those who know me, know that my while I love my life in SoCal, my heart is very much in Tokyo. So when Global Fashion Collective invited me after seeing my ALA collection, I had to make this dream a reality. 

Since I picked the closer date (I had the chance to pick the August date for SS25 and take my time a bit, but I thought nah) everything has been an absolute whirl. Crowdfunding, while only partially successful, showed me how much support I do have, and I'm absolutely floored. After my first deposit was due, it was time to focus on the collection. I gave myself a month to start and finish it. All the while finishing a few customs, making something for Kawaiicoco to wear to the show, and assembling gift bags for the front row guests. I was going to have the full Fashion Week experience, dammit!

I even had a day to spare before I was to take off! I really enjoyed not being in survival mode for a change, and just CREATING. I'd been in a bit of a creative slump and I think this might have pulled me out!

The show itself went by so quickly, since we had limited use of Shibuya Hikarie Hall and another show was scheduled later that day. Call time 8:30, show at 1pm (even started a few minutes late), and I was back at my hotel at 3pm. As I suspected, the intrusive thoughts and imposter syndrome still kicked in after I had some time to sit and reflect. Was this worth it? Did the reporters just not like my collection or should I have been more aggressive in order to receive more press? Should I be learning Japanese? And the age old question, "what now?"

Yes, fellow creatives, even yours truly has these thoughts. Even when I was actually invited. That alone is so validating, so I'll be reminding myself constantly that I am indeed a badass. You are too.

Not to mention who was in attendance, including my dear friend and collaborator Tomo (of Pink-Chan, formerly Pinkhime, her accessories can be seen on most of the models), Tavuchi (owner of Spank!), some staff from 6% Dokidoki, Megan Catherine Rose, and of course my buddy Myrinda!

Now time for some fabric sourcing!

Before I post all 12 looks, just want to give a shoutout to a few individuals!

My fiance' Paul, for taking time off of work to schlep me to and from LAX, watching over our baby girl, taking care of the house, and filling the gas tank. Trying not to absolutely swoon right now <3

My dear friend Tomo, for always being so generous. We've worked together for well over a decade and I look forward to many more years! 

My parents, brother, and sisters for all their help with finances, advertising, last-minute sewing, and putting the book and magazine together.

My close friends, my biggest cheerleaders. I love you.

Jennycubs, for filming and editing my fundraiser video. Please hire her for your photo/video needs!

Everyone who contributed to my Gofundme. I know times are tough, but you all wanted to see me do this. Thank you.


Onto the looks! Photo credit to IG user masaya_noda!

Lots of quilted! Vintage comforter sweatshirt with sherpa bear applique, quilted gingham legwarmers, vintage patchwork fabric bloomers! Necklace by Pink-Chan!

A re-hash of a lovecore look featured in January's ALA collection! More ruffles and a touch of iridescent heart tulle! Necklace by Pink-Chan!

Dress was also in the ALA show, added a detachable collar and blowdryer necklace!

Sequin heart pattern crop top with cute patches, upcycled vintage receiving blanket skirt, and stretch lace suspenders! Necklace and hair clip by Pink-chan!


Cascading mint green georgette nightie dress with tiny hot pink hearts, trimmed in vintage bow border, quilted detachable collar! Necklace by Pink-Chan!

Pink heart gingham, teddy bears, iridescent hearts, and lots of ruffles! Hair clip and brooch by Pink-Chan!

Cropped sweater top of ponte knit and crisp spandex, upcycled bedsheet skirt with vintage applique. Necklace by Pink-Chan!

Pink playful 2-piece bullet knit set with the cutest toy print and yellow contrast! Wrist bow by Pink-Chan!

Confetti print stretch terry crop top with mint/pink heart ruffle, asymmetrical pink stripe skirt with drop yoke and side ruffles and bear applique, quilted heart wrap!

Loose fitting sweatshirt with contrast sleeves, collar, ruffles, plushies, and applique! Equally crazy skirt, legwarmers, and toaster necklace!

Patchwork tunic and pants, jumbo sized charm necklace (y'know, like the ones we collected in the 80's, but bigger)!

My grand finale! Sequin heart bodice, sheer heart yoke and arm ruffles, iridescent taffeta skirt! Pink ruffle belt and sewing machine necklace!

I am super proud of this collection. I'm sourcing fabric as we speak, to get as many of these pieces available for pre-order as possible! Since I love working with closeouts and vintage fabrics, I might not be able to recreate all of them. I do plan on creating similar ready-to-ship items in the future though!

Much love,



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  • So amazing!!! 🥹💕💕 congratulations again Liz!! ❤️


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