Miss Alphabet's Holiday 2020 Gift Guide!

Got lots of cute people in your life? Not sure of the perfect gift for them?
I gotchu!
Miss Alphabet is known for clothes to make your dolls jealous, but some occasions just call for a simple gift that'll just make your friends' day. Click each image to purchase!

The coffee/tea lover:

Kind of a "duh," but really anyone can use an extra one of these in their kitchens. These mugs are 11 oz. and have a nice big handle. Plus the Miss Alphabet Barbie Boombox logo on both sides! Purchase here!

The plushie enthusiast/interior decorator

These 20 x 12 inch throw pillows are made of polyester but have a nice linen-y texture. Also a separate insert which you can remove when it's time to wash the cover (via invisible zipper). If your friend's always searching Pinterest for room inspo or just likes to collect plushies and bedding. They come in pink, blue, lavender and white!


The environmentalist

black tote bag with 90's barbie boombox miss alphabet logo

Or ya know, anyone who lives in a place with plastic bag bans. This bag can handle a lot, with its 20 x 14 inches and tough organic cotton twill. I can tote around my laptop, no problem! Get it here!


The one who can never have enough t-shirts

pink haired woman modleing a miss alphabet barbie boombox logo t-shirt with a pink background

I fall under this category, not gonna lie. But I'm in love with this unisex fit t-shirt. The cut and soft fabric makes it so someone like me can wear several different sizes (seriously, as an XL I can comfortably wear a M thru 2X)!


The Mermaid

white biking shorts with pink barbie boombox print

"Huh? The mermaid?" Maybe not everyone saw the meme circulate on Facebook stating how touching thighs are one step closer to a merm.. ahh never mind. But these biking shorts are fantastic against chub rub! They come in pink, lavender, blue, and white!

The fitness nut

lavender leggings with pink barbie boombox print

Or just someone who likes athleisure and lounging around, whatever. These leggings are the most COMFY things I've put on my legs. Polyester spandex knit, and the most crisp images. They come in plus sizes too!


The Homebody

pink barbie boombox blanket

Sigh.. guilty again. I love working from home. All my clothes, pillows, blankets.. wait a minute, you can get Miss Alphabet blankets now??? 

Printed on minky fabric and measure 50 x 60 inches! Sorry, dolls and pillows not included!

Have the best Christmas! Stay safe and spoil your friends! 
xoxo Liz

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