I'M IN VOGUE!!! ...and Hollywood?

Well, check another thing off ye olde bucket list this year... I'm in not only one, but TWO Vogue online publications! 

The fine peeps at Global Fashion Collective alerted me to the coverage of their two Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo shows, which of course included the Lovely Dreamhouse collection by yours truly! Granted, it's not a huge feature (and it's not even in the printed versions) but I can safely say... ya girl is published in Vogue. It's STILL hitting me.

First is Vogue Mexico:


The other is is Vogue Italy!

(Scroll down to Tokyo Fashion Week, then go through the slideshow!)



Sooooo happy to have my work recognized internationally, especially in something like Vogue! 

Also, during the month of June, one of my outfits is on display at Japan House, in Ovation Hollywood (6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Level 2 & Level 5)! This is part of Sebastian Masuda (founder of 6% Dokidoki)'s "Yes, Kawaii is Art: Express Yourself" art installation. Check it out by June 30th!




 Thank you all again for helping make this happen! Such a great year so far! xoxo Liz


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