Harajuku Day x 6% Dokidoki AND Yes: Kawaii Is Art: Express Yourself at Japan House Hollywood!

Yeah so... this was the Harajuku Day of all Harajuku Days!

If ya didn't know, I'm a regular vendor at this monthly event, normally held in Little Tokyo. Basically you get in your J-Fashion best (not cosplay), whether it's lolita, fairy kei, decora, etc., and show up at Little Tokyo Galleria (333 S. Alameda St. Los Angeles, 2nd floor) every third Saturday. Catch up with (and make) friends, shop at the booths of local makers as well as cuties cleaning out their closets, and partake in whatever activity/theme is happening that month.

This one was extra special though. Sebastian Masuda (of 6% Dokidoki) agreed to collaborate with Harajuku Day for a super cute day in Hollywood! It coincided with the opening of his art installation at Japan House, "Yes, Kawaii is Art: Express Yourself" and y'all MUST check it out. It's free and going on until November 3rd! More on that in a bit.

Now to the May 4th event: I was invited by Jasmine Rose (IG @soysugoi) to not only vend, but present a small collection in the fashion show! Even while frantically getting ready for Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo I was ecstatic. 

It figures though.. this Harajuku Day was the 1st Saturday of May, instead of the usual 3rd Saturday of each month. So I only had two weeks to replenish stock after being cleaned out at the April event (THANK you), AND finish fashion show looks! 

At least I still had a bunch of samples from Fashion Week.

IG user @simonetmiller

I arrived super early in the morning and got a REALLY good spot in Ovation Hollywood's parking structure, right next to the elevators. Plus, tables and chairs were provided this time, so setup was easy peasy.

Paul arrived a bit later so he could walk Molly before heading out on the train. 

Models arrived at different points of the day but once I was done with fittings I was able to relieve Paul from handling sales at my vendor booth and talk to friends and customers for an hour or two.

Friend, Harajuku Day co-coordinator, and fellow designer @creepykitty___ with her copy of Miss Alphabet Magazine!

Then 3:30 came and everyone was to be in the green room for the show to start at 4:30. 

All I can say is everything went off without a hitch and everyone absolutely slayed. 

IG user @sheisplussizebeauty

Other designers featured: Pretty Sour, Creepy Kitty, Holley Tea Time, Ghost Girl Goods, and Decorademon!

After the show I brought back all my things to my booth and got to talk to more customers and longtime followers. Usually the highlight of events like this.


IG user @tee.heart.tee bought this blouse right off the model's back!

IG users @glitterfuk666 and @homomagic flew out from the PNW to be here!

We continued chatting it up and handling sales well after the 6pm ending time, thankfully no one was really kicking us out. After gradually packing up we loaded the car and it was upstairs to Johnny Rocket's for dinner.

And here are the rest of the looks!

Trying a bit of asymmetry. That vintage Sears bedsheet matched surprisingly well.IG user @melon_moonbeam

Restyling two Lovely Dreamhouse pieces. IG user @aana.kawaii 

A couple more Lovely Dreamhouse pieces. IG user @aquamarinaheart

All new pieces! IG user @x_haro_x

And yes, you can grab some of these runway looks in the New Arrivals section!

So proud of you all! Please check out my Pinterest board to see more shots (and follow me)!!!

And special thanks to Jasmine (IG @soysugoi), our coordinator, for putting this together!

Backtracking a bit.. rehearsals were held a couple days before, on opening day of Sebastian Masuda's art installation. So of course I checked it out afterward.

Here's Yui, manager of the 6% Dokidoki Harajuku store, and who I met at my Fashion Week show!

And I finally got to meet Sebastian himself!


Met some new friends! IG users @igiko.pop, @ghostgirlgoods, @kawaiiweapon

And here are a few teaser photos. I highly recommend checking it out if you can though. It's incredibly inspiring, immersive, and relatable!

Here's the original, sun-faded clockface from the Harajuku Moshi Moshi Box.

Here she is in 2015.

Naturally, my favorite part is this bedroom. Something about thriving in little worlds I create for myself.

Each month until November, two designers will be featured on the two outer mannequins. Any guesses as to who's next? :)


It's going on until November 3rd, at Japan House, inside Ovation Hollywood! 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Level 2 & Level 5! Free admission, though you may have to get parking validation!

xoxo Liz

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