Happy birthday, missalphabet.com!

Has it been a year already??? 
Thank you SO much for all your support with my new venture over this past year. I love bringing you all this fun merch while collaborating with mah girl Miss Jediflip! 
And thanks to everyone who helped me get this project going, and that includes all of y'all who modeled these pieces!
IG user @kawaiigoods
woman with modeling leggings with pink boombox print, pink wall in back, next to a bubblegum machine
IG user @pinkfaefemme
Non binary pink haired person modeling t-shirt and leggings
IG user @mahoudolly
African american woman modeling pastel 90's outfit
IG user @seannyboy808
Pink haired Asian man modeling pink outfit
IG user @dreamytabby
Man modeling pink pastel outfit with 90s boombox t-shirt
IG user @peteyhana
femme wearing pink boombox leggings with 80's Miss Alphabet background


Seriously, THANK YOU. Let's make more magic!

xoxo Liz


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