A wicked thrift haul, abandoned freeways, drive-by birthday parties...

Any fellow introverts in the house?
Not gonna lie, lockdown is isn't too bad for someone like me. Less FOMO, lots more time to make things. Eventually though, (especially with this heat and lack of AC in Long Beach apartments) you just reach a breaking point. My niece's birthday was coming up as well. 

car with a "happy birthday" banner

(I remember clearly the day she was born!)

I haven't been able to witness any of these birthday parades until now and they are quite fun! Seeing how many people showed up for her, bumping dance versions of "Happy Birthday to You" and showering her with gifts was absolutely special.

Seeing my parents was quite special as well. I got to see my dad's latest car tinkering projects and squeeze in a thrifting trip with my mom.

pastel colored vintage linens and unicorn trunk.

Y'all can imagine how I felt when I found that unicorn trunk AND FOUR PASTEL HEART CURTAIN PANELS!

Another thing I look forward to with road trips is the pit stops. I love truck stops and rest areas, they're like an oasis from long stretches of time driving through a whole lot of nothing.

El Grullense in the tiny mountain town of Gorman, CA has some preeeetty bomb burritos.

You all know about the historic Route 66, but I personally am fascinated by the historic US 99, and I finally took some time on my way home to drive a tiny little bit of the old road.

an abandoned mountain freeway.

Anyone who's traveled from LA to the Central Valley (or even San Francisco) knows the steep and curvy mountain portion of the Interstate 5 colloquially known as The Grapevine. And the older version of the freeway was much worse! Road geeks can read more about it at ridgeroute.com.

Loving abandoned places and wanting to make more time to explore them, I'm so glad I stepped away from my usual route and took in the absolute silence and mountain ridges. 

pink haired woman with heart sunglasses posing in front of a canyon.

Yes, I'm still on team Stay Home but getting out is very important, even for me. Take all the precautions! I love you all!

xoxo Liz

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